Geo Insights

In this new world of work, location has lost its relevance for skills identification. It is likely that at least a quarter of your people are considering relocating. So what does this mean for leaders? Global workforce mobility will be a rising trend and so having visibility on the geos of your teams and the power to map against your existing databases of talent will help identify skills gaps, clusters and ultimately discover talent.

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Geo Skills

The competitiveness of an enterprise is in its ability to predict future skills and develop reskilling and talent acquisition strategies to meet the future needs of the business. Geo Skills has been designed to leverage artificial intelligence to conduct real time skill gap analysis on future skills so leaders can plan effectively.

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Geo Skills Global

If the world is now your marketplace, where should you hire and invest next? Global enterprises are realising the potential of remote but the big data is needed to support the decision making. Geo Global is an exciting platform that features the markets you are considering and highlights key data intelligence and comparable insights for investment decisions. 

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Geo Learning

The mental health and wellbeing of your people is of top paramount. Adding to this over 70% of workers are questioning if they are in the right role. Now is the time for leaders to provide a unique work life programme that will enable each human to skills map themselves, identify new skills and understand beyond their job how to better their lives now that work and life are so integrated. Geo Learning is a unique learning and mapping programme providing your teams the opportunity to reflect, learn, assess themselves and be guided to greater fulfilment. 

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Geo Matching

Redeployment is a critical decision for leaders that don’t want to lose their best people who know the enterprise so well. Geo Matching is an inclusive matching ecosystem that can integrate with your HR Tech and support anonymised reduced bias internal skills matching. Enabling people no matter where they are in the enterprise to be discovered based on the skills first in a process that supports diversity and equality. 

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