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The 4 essential assets revealed for job creation in 2022

Here’s an example of what your talent mapping report would look like. 

What are the Benefits of Geonostics to Governments?



the local economy



indigenous businesses



local spending by Smart Workers

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profile for FDI

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our rural towns and villages


It means you have an opportunity now more than ever to:
* attract remote workers to the county
* attract remote working FDI opportunities to the county
* transform your local towns into Enterprise Towns with bustling remote hubs
* boost the local economy by empowering smart workers in your county

“The requirement to work from home where possible, for reasons of public health, has demonstrated how viable home, remote and blended working can be. Post-pandemic, I want remote working to be part of a whole new world of work and this new Government strategy sets out how we will enable it.”

– Tánaiste and Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment Leo Varadkar

“We also know people are leaving education into an extremely difficult jobs market. But I don’t want the next generation to be remembered on these terms – I want the next generation to be remembered as the Kickstart generation. It’s their talent and skills that will drive our country forward in the future.”

– Chancellor Rishi Sunak

As more and more companies announce their “work from anywhere” policies, they will begin to scan globally for skills clusters. This provides an opportunity for governments to invest in relevant upskilling and inward job creation. The best way to identify these skills clusters is using Ai-driven Skills Data Information Technology, and Geonostics, an Irish company dedicated to supporting you, provide a ready to go solution which is tailored to your needs!

Our proven solution boasts significant economic returns and allows for immediate and future skills matching, mapping, learning and engagement. It allows governments to be at the forefront of providing much-needed employment opportunities through greater levels of inward investment.

The solution is Geonostics, which provides the user powerful search capability to extract granular information across big and proprietary data.

Great question! Councils are partnering with Abodoo for their Geo Lite and Geo Lite Plus

Geo Lite Product: Skills Tracking and Matching Platform for your region


Skills registration page for County/Ward/Region

  1. “Work Live in XX”
  2. Free skills matching ecosystem for the business community
  3. Annual analysis on big data on talent using artificial intelligence
  4. Quarterly skills tracking report on people (and business) providing proprietary data
  5. Quarterly business skills survey on today and future skills needs (optional extra with Geo
    Lite Plus)
  6. Anonymity and GDPR compliance
  7. Web and mobile app


  1. Quarterly Insights into skills demand and supply for future planning
  2. Showcasing the macro and micro-skills in the county
  3. Increase in employment and opportunities through data with impact
  4. Positive new world of work message
  5. Support skills transfer
  6. Reduce bias and broaden talent pool
  7. Mass market appeal

You will have control of your own marketing campaign, but Abodoo’s dedicated Account
Success Managers will work with and support you by providing social media assets, a bespoke promo video for your campaign, and through regular meetings to tailor the campaign and ensure you are receiving the best results!

Our Geo Lite offering starts at €22,000 per annum. This is a low-cost option and you can see return of investment with the creation of just one new job in your region. It just makes sense.

It’s easy! Simply email me at [email protected] to schedule a chat about your regions needs and to avail of a demo.

Yes! This is no problem, and if you are unsure of your needs, we advise starting with Geo Lite and upgrading when you see a need for further data in real-time.

Geo Lite is the low-cost option which we advise for starting out on your data-lead journey. Geo Lite will provide you with four skills maps throughout the year, one per quarter, and you can choose key areas of industry to receive a deep delve report on.

With Geo Lite you are responsible for your own marketing, but to help get you started we will provide social media assets and suggested copy, as well as a simple, short promotional video, and we will hold regular meeting with you to review the progress of the campaign and to support you.

Geonostics gives you access to dynamic, real-time reporting, as you will receive access for five people to the Geonostics platform and can access your skills map and data at any time. We also run the marketing for you, leaving you free to focus on how to implement your data.

Geo Lite Plus and Geonostics Plus gives you an additional Business Skills Gap Survey which can be used to focus on skills in need immediately, over the next 6 months, year, 3 years, and 5 years. You can then plan strategically around upskilling, reskilling, and which courses to promote for your region to match these gaps.

Abodoo is an Irish company which, in common with many Irish businesses, uses applications and services that are provided by third parties who in some cases may transfer personal data outside of the EU. In all such cases, the transfers are in compliance with the requirements of the GDPR. Abodoos’ transparency notice ( provides
further details.

Typically activation will happen in 4 – 6 weeks

Yes, if you do not want to pay it all upfront, we can offer a monthly payment option for you.

Abodoo would need images and footage of your region to use for the landing page, social media images, and other promotional material. We would also need a high-resolution logo from your council. Aside from this, we can handle the rest!

Generally, you will see trends within the first quarter which will guide the progress and angle for the next.

Simply book an exploratory meeting to discuss your requirements and to be shown a demo

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