Visualise talent for powerful insights

Geonostics Enterprise BETA is a dynamic map providing real-time searching and reporting. The ultimate tool for planning and resourcing.

How it gives enterprises powerful value

Quick access to global comparison across skills, earnings, languages, and industry

Identify new skills cluster to meet future needs

Save time by having laser focus on where the talent is

Maximise your asset of existing candidates and reduce costs

Supports C level strategic investment decisions for new world of work

Cutting Edge Features

cluster (1)

Talent clusters

Dynamic mapping with heat spots representing talent clusters

browser (1)

Anonymous importing

Import existing candidates anonymously

big-data (1) (1)

Powerful big data

Big data on desired skills and earnings geographically

placeholder (1) (1)

Map coverage

Map over connectivity and co-working capacity

loupe (2) (1)

Superior insights

Instant search and visualisation reports


You define the territory whether it is a region, country, or the globe. The visual map contains heat spots representing skills clusters and giving you the ability to zoom in or out.

All data points if originated in an excel or CSV file have the potential to be visualised if they are connected to a geography. For example skills, industries, earnings, co-working spaces, connectivity

Generally it will be C Level, the HR department and leaders within the organisation.

GDPR compliance is essential when working with proprietary data and as this is not a sourcing tool for recruitment, personal data is not required.

It is an annualised software license and the data is hosted in-country. We are an Amazon Web Services Partner. 

Geonostics Enterprise has been designed to have a simple onboarding experience that includes pre-recorded videos that are created for your organization and live chat support.

There is an unlimited number of searches and customised reports you can pull.

Yes your brand can be on the dashboard that frames the map. 

The minimum number is 5 and there is no maximum.

The license cost is linked to the total number of users and the level of data and visual customisation. The ROI is high due to the accuracy it gives to future hiring strategy.

Currently no so it is dependent on an excel or CSV anonymised file being supplied for existing data.

No, we are a visualization tool of the new world of work data intelligence that will support your investment and hiring strategies. 

We marry three data sets to support your investment and strategic talent planning.

1. Your existing talent data
2. Big data around skills
3. Smart data on social infrastructure 

The output is a visualisation of the key ingredients customised for your organisation talent planning

You can request a demo meeting here 

Decision makers are important who at a strategic level can evaluate the power of real time global data for your organisation

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