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With Geonostics, access local and global skills data to create curriculum that meet the needs of industry.



We know that third level institutions no longer struggle to acquire information;  quite the opposite is in fact true, as different faculties and departments are creating data at record levels.

The challenge, however, lies in trying to refine and add value to this enormous, and on occasions, unstructured data flow.  Organising and extracting the most pertinent information from all that data that exists can be a daunting task.  But the process of turning big data into smart intelligent insights has become much easier thanks to Geonostics.

We know that an investment in smart data has proven to be useful for educational institutions of every size, affording each individual institution the opportunity to gather more impactful insights. By collecting data and generating valuable insights, institutions can create more impactful pathways to success and create actions to spend money in smarter ways than before. It will also allow for speedier and more informed decision-making.

The good news is...

that most institutions already have the necessary asset – lots of data –  but we will help uncover the data that is of most importance, in real time, through our futuristic and dynamic platform. 

Geonostics can enable education providers to have

Online skills career mapping, progression aids, and Curriculum Vitae evaluation.

Skills gap analysis and skills comparison to others in the same job category/region/industry.

Recommendations and links to courses for upskilling, reskilling, transferring skills, career transition.

Auto prompt on trending courses and careers.

Anonymised skills data intelligence providing real time dynamic insights and reports

“With smart skills data at your fingertips, you no longer need to be a data analyst to extract the key insights for high educational impact. Taking this approach will make a real difference in the lives of your students, your faculties, your departments and the institution as a whole.”
Vanessa Tierney
CEO of Geonostics

Benefits for education

Skill development

Social-economic impact

Predictive modelling

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