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Geonostics is a technology platform that visualizes and presents smart dynamic insights in real time. It provides users with powerful and impactful data which can be utilised to boost economic growth, job creation and business support.



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The new world of work has brought its challenges

With 96% of Leaders confirming that they will engage remote and hybrid in 2022 in our recent Top 100 Leader Global Survey, this new new work revolution is here to stay.

There are a multitude of upsides which you will be experiencing as a leader. On the flip side there are equally unforeseen challenges you may have realised and need to address. Rising attrition rates, lower engagement, culture deconnection, increased demand for skills, skills shortages, poorer mental health and well being, the need to really predict the future of skills so you can train and retain your best people. The list is long….

Fortunately the answer is already in your hands with the skills data you have but in many cases would need a qualification as a data analyst to interpret. 

The pandemic has forced skill data to predict the new world

Geonostics was developed to compliment any HR Tech solution that captures skills data and does the job of a data analyst where the results would be simple, instant and visualised. This footprint would  map current skills, skill gaps, training needs, future skills, new people investment geographies and social infrastructure.

Furthermore it would support greater inclusivity for internal skills matching and redeployment as your upskilling programmes evolve. The combination leading to a more competitive, sustainable organisation that is supporting its people and developing the next generation of corporate leaders


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The impact skill data has

What you might not know about HR Tech that could cost you Millions Number 3 will shock you!

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HR Tech launched in the 1980’s as a way of centralising all workers data and it has come a long way. However with the dramatic shift of how we all work, the desire for greater inclusivity and the skills marketplace being the world, how fit for purpose is it?


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What you might not know about HR Tech that could cost you Millions

Number 3 will shock you!!